New LUSH stuff!

"Hello my name is Chilly and I'm a LUSH addict."

I got some new LUSH stuff recently and couldnt wait to share!

Rockstar Soap...I think this is their #1 selling soap..to me it smells a lot like Mr.Bubbles bubble bath (ya know, the pink stuff from when you were a kid?) even though the Web site claims it smells like bubblegum (eww no..it doesnt). It lathers VERY well and..its pink!!!

Next up is Mange Too, a massage bar that smells like white chocolate and honey...delishhhhh!!!!

Annnd last but not least is my Sweet Lips lip scrub. Works really well, but honestly, its just sugar, jojoba oil and cocoa powder in a jar that I paid $9 for, soo probably I can make my own at home. Tastes like (suprise, suprise) chocolate and sugar :)

(Photo courtesy of Lush.com)

On my next trip to LUSH I will be purchasing some Chox Away soap (chocolate/vanilla scented mmmm) to go with my Mange Too massage bar :)

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