He finally put a ring on it :)

Yep, I'm engaged! After 5 years of dating I get the pleasure of marrying my best friend :)

Ryan was very low-key about the proposal, which I would prefer anyways. We went out to lunch and did a little shopping (well, I did a lil shopping lol). After we got back to the house he said he was way ahead of his bills so he wanted to go out somewhere nice to eat. I figured maybe this was it and he was going to propose at dinner, but NOPE! He caught me off guard and proposed to me in the middle of our bedroom after complaining that we had nothing to celebrate at dinner. He said he was so nervous that he couldnt speak after he said my name. After my happy freakout he said "So do I get an answer?" and I reminded him that he actually hadn't asked me anything yet lol..so then he said "Will you marry me?" YES YES YES!!  <3 JUNE 23, 2010 <3 BEST.DAY.EVER! 

My perfectly colorless princess cut engagement ring!


China Glaze!!!

So I bought a few new China Glaze nail polishes a while ago and never blogged about them (for shame!!). China Glaze is my favorite brand, I can go a few days without wearing clear top coat and it still doesnt chip! I got them on sale AND I had a coupon (sa-weet!) so I got 3 polishes for $4 at Sally Beauty Supply!!! Here they are...

Thataway- The perfect bright orange for summer!! My nails have just enough shimmer when I wear this :)

Avalanche- Not too much of a fan of this one. I bought it thinking it was going to be more of a dark gray then a silverish lavender..but still it looks nice as an overlay color.

Turned up Turquoise- EXTREMELY bright/neon, however it leans more on the green side than the blue on my nails..it looks more turquoise in the bottle to me lol. I think it really depends on the lighting. Oh well, its still gorgeous!

My Top 3 Lipsticks

#1) Fire Alarm by Hard Candy- THE PERFECT nude shade with just a hint of baby pink shimmer. Comes in the cutest packaging!! Very creamy and affordable.. $6 at Walmart.

#2) Airy Fairy by Rimmel- Bright medium pink that (on me at least) goes on pretty matte. Not too creamy so lipgloss is almost a must with this color. It actually looks pretty "Barbie pink" more so on my lips than the packaging. Airy Fairy is about $5-$6 at any retailer.

#3) Dreamy by Rimmel- A mix between a light shimmery brown and Airy Fairy..it comes off more frosty than the matte pink color of Airy Fairy. It is part of the Moisture Renewal collection so it is very creamy.