A song about love

Tonight I attended a philanthropy event called the Lady of the Leges. This event was put on by my boyfriend's (Ryan) fraternity. Basically it was a competition between 5 sorority women vying for the title of the aforementioned "Lady of the Leges". I had the privilege to attend this event along with Ryan (even though we are both alumni members of our organizations) and got to witness the most amazing performance from my sorority sister, Elzaan (who won Best Skill, once you watch the video, you'll know why, and 3rd Place overall.) She sang an aria about love, IN ITALIAN. Absolutely beautiful..click below to see for yourself!

What true talent sounds like..


Make your MARK.

So since I love being a mark. Rep soooo much, I plan on posting pictures/tutorials of looks I do using my mark. products. I have been a mark.Representative for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it!

In case you didn't know, mark. is the sister brand to Avon, but designed for a younger demographic (about 15+). mark. offers glamorous makeup, luxurious skincare, stylish accessories and apparel, and alluring fragrances at extremely affordable prices...its the best way to look great and stand out.

Here is a list of my own personal mark. collection and my honest opinions about each product (bust out a snack,you might be here a while ;)

i-mark (eyeshadows): These are great! They last forever and don't crease throughout the day!!

-Glitterati- Very shimmery/sparkly silver..goes really well over deep colors.
-Corset- Shimmery black...a MUST for going out for a night on the town!
-Luvstruck- Hot pink! Looks great blended with Corset!
-Saucy- Deep purple with very subtle shiimmery pink reflects
-Nomadic- Very shimmery/sparkly gold..LOVE IT
-Rebel- Matte white with very subtle lavender reflects
-Minx- My everyday color (JUST hit the bottom of the container and Ive had it over a year!!!!)..a very pretty shimery mauvy/taupy pink..a tough one to describe..GORGEOUS though!
-Bondi Beach (only available in the Flip for it in Sydney) - Deep bronzy brown color..similar to Gioia
-Tiki- Medium bronzy brown..looks great paired with Minx in the crease of your lid!
-Piccadilly- Dark matte purple..I like to pair it with London Bridge
-London Bridge- A mix between silver and taupe..gorgeouuuussss!

**I keep all my eyeshadows in the mini and mezzo custom color palettes :)

-Eyemarker in Java-- Very creamy brown eyeliner that lasts all day!

-Make it big lash plumping mascara in Raven

-On the edge liquid eyeliner in Nefertiti (discontinued)-- It was SO PRETTY!
It was dark green with gold reflects.Goes on smoothly and lasts all day! 

-Mini Mark It Stick Hook Up Stick for Eyes in Green Opal-- I use this creamy stick eyeshadow as a base so my other shadows will stick...its very light and shimmery ♥ 

-Sydney Smooch, Adelaide, Aussie Kiss and Down Under-- All four are only available in the FLip for It in Sydney. Sydney Smooch is a lipcolor that is medium brown, Adelaide is a lipcolor that is more of a bronzy tan color, Aussie Kiss is a gloss that is metallic gold,and Down Under is a gloss that is deep brown/pink!

-Proper Kiss, Watermelon, West End Pout, Queenie-- All four are only available in the Flip for It in Londa.
Proper Kiss is a lipcolor that is a dark nude shade, Watermelon is a rose lipcolor with gold shimmer, West End Pout is a lighter nude gloss, and Queenie is a dark plum gloss with shimmer.

-Juice Gems in Fig-- Very shiney and sparkly light brown color..somewhat sticky but I still love to put it over lip color! 

-Juice Gems in Honeydew-- TASTES SO GOOD! LOL..a light pink with hotter pink shimmer.

-Glow Baby Glow in Pink Crush- Sparkly hot pink gloss..less sticky than the Juice Gems.

-Pro Gloss Plumping Lip Shine in Swank-- Pretty medium pink color..its supposed to plump lips but apparently works better on some people than others.

-Lip Shimmery Gloss Pot in Shimmering Shell (discontinued)-- I dont really know the real name of this product because I got it as a gift before I was a rep but its SOOO beautiful!! Non sticky shimmering pink/gold gloss..looks amazing paired with Fig Juice Gem!!

-Berry Grand Super Exfoliating Beads-- A deep exfoliating scrub made with pomegranate and cranberry seeds..works realllllly well!!! A little goes a long way!!

-Mark. Santuary Shower Gel and Moisture Milk in Chocolate Orchid--EASILY one of my favorite products!! Smells absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

-After Glo- A shimmery pink blush...I wear it everyday paired with bronzer!

-Sunlove Glo- A peachy blush perfect for Fall!!!

-Cameo Glo- Very neutral blush

-Get Bright Hook up Highlighter-- A pearly oil free highlighting liquid..works really well..just wish I got it in a shade lighter because during fall and winter I am WHITE! lol.

-Mist Opportunity Multi-tasking Refresher-- I loveeeee this product! Its for your face and it really does refresh your skin!! It has antioxidants in it too :)

-See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer-- All Natural ingreidiants (which I LOVE)! Has light reflectors in it so it it "brightens" your skin :)
-Get A Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15 -- Im currently using this as my foundation and it works great!! 
-Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder in Pro Glow-- Works well..kind of wish I got it in Pro Golden but I still love this stuff..I use it everyday!

-Beach Coverup/Sundress in Olive (sold out)-- Super cute, has a faux wood embellishment on chest, very flowy and has pockets.. yay!

-Mega Volume Next Day Spray-- I use this the day in-between washes..smells good and absorbs oil at the roots so they get a little boost!

-Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector- A MUST if you use a straightening iron or curling iron a regular basis.
-Mega Volume Root Lifting Spray With Soothing Geranium-- I use this when I want to vamp up my famous POOF! lol it works really well lifting the roots to give a toooon more volume!

-Go with the Pro Mini Brush Kit- AMAZING and portable! Comes with 5 brushes.
-Super Pro Brush Case- A good sized metallic gold brush case...holds of them perfectly!
-Foundation Brush-- I dont know what I would do without this now..blends my makeup perfectly.


One of my good friends purchased the entire foundation collection (Speedway concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer) and she LOVES IT!! I was so happy because she is used to using MAC products (verrrry $$$!). She was shocked she got so much for so little money! A
llloooot of my gal pals have been buying mark. makeup, apparel and accessories from me and they just LOVE it (which of course I love hehe). Im so glad they are happy with their purchases!!!

Look for more mark. makeup reviews and tutorials in the future! 


LUSH Haul and Review

OK, sooo today I went to the mall and bought my very first stash of Lush! If you are not aware, Lush is a organic, fresh, handmade cosmetics brand that I *believe* originated in Canada. ITS AMAZING. There are no chemicals in ANY of their products, everything is all-natural :)

The first product I bought was a soap called The Godmother and what they do at Lush is they actually cut however much you want off this huuuuuge slab in the store and you buy it by the pound. I bought 1/4 lb. and the sales associate told me it will last about 2 months. I used it tonight and it lathers really well. This soap smells kind of like Swedish Fish candy..lol..it is glooooorrious!! Its also a pretty burgundy pink color....see? The Godmother cost me $7.29.

Next product is You've Been Mangoed and it is a bath melt. Bath melts are used in the bathtub (duh, Chilly) and they give your bath water a very smooth and milky feel. It felt sooo moisturizing!! And of course it smelled awesome..its mango! Cost me about $5.85..def a thumbs up!

Last product I bought was Strawberry Feels Massage Bar. This is my favvve product so far..it smells like fresh, sweet strawberries! Massage bars are like solid lotions made with all natural oils. I used this after my bath on my legs, arms and tummy and WOW, it felt soooo soft and I smelled delish. Its amazing how it just starts to work when you rub it on your warm skin..love it..def 5 stars!
So cute!! This baby costs me about $9.
I brought one of my sorority sisters (actually she is my lil sis in the sorority :))) and she also went Lush crazy and bought a solid shampoo bar that smelled like potpourri and cinnamon, a massage bar called Mange Too (I'm def getting this on my next trip! Smells like honey and white chocolate), Strawberry Feels, and The Godmother soap. Its our newest obsession lol.

Def check it out! The link is www.lushusa.com.Its a little on the pricey side but I think *most* of it is worth it because its all natural, smells delish and is chock FULL of nutrients for your skin.



It's all about first impressions..

Obviously this is a blog so I won't begin by saying "This is my blog, welcome!" (Haha even though I pretty much did :)) BUT I will however introduce myself in a nutshell. My name (as most of my friends address me) is Chilly. I'm 25 and I have NO idea what will happen in the next year and it terrifies me (lol..?).

In reference to the title, "Tri Beta" is what I strive to be everyday: BOLD, BODACIOUS and BEAUTIFUL. What is Tri Beta? Well, to me its being unique, fun, outspoken, confident, well-mannered, open, kind and giving. What does it mean to you?

Anyhoo, this blog exists to be my sanctuary, a place for me, my passions, my experiences, my trial/errors and my opinions, complete with fun photos and tons of exclamation points (!!!!!). My wish in writing this blog is that hopefully the reader (ehem..you) will find the thing that makes themselves feel Tri Beta :) ENJOY!!