DIY: Ribbon Wands

So I've only been engaged about 3 weeks but already I want to get started on all the DIY projects I plan on doing (there is quite a list forming!). Before I was engaged I imagined sparklers for my "wedding exit", but the cost of those PLUS matches PLUS where to put the used sparklers squashed the idea. Then I saw a post on another blog about ribbon wands. They make quite the cute and whimsical exit (like so...)

(Photo courtesy of Project 10K: Wedding)

It seems perfect for the outdoor ceremony I want to have. Sooo what did I do? I signed up for Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels coupons, went shopping, and got started!

What you'll need:
-Wooden dowels about 3/8" x 12"
-Ribbons in your wedding colors
-Paint and paintbrush
-hot glue gun/glue

First, I sanded and painted the wooden dowels (I used a pearly white paint purchased at Wal-Mart for $0.97 ). While your dowels are drying, cut 2 colors of your ribbon into 18 inch long pieces. Cut the other 2 into about 12-15 in long pieces. Cutting your ribbon different lengths will give the wands more visual appeal and texture.

(Yep, I used black lace as a "ribbon" hehe. I plan on cutting it half lengthwise and alternating it with the light pink to use with the navy and hot pink.)

Once you have your ribbon cut and your dowels dry, grab your hot glue gun (and some newspaper so you dont make a mess!) and apply glue to one end of the ribbon and roll the ribbon around one end of your dowel. Next, take your next color ribbon and roll it around the first piece of already glued ribbon, going the opposite direction.

See how the lighter pink ribbon starts on the underside of the hot pink and rolls the opposite way? You can see it behind the hot pink ribbon against the newspaper.

Do the same thing with your nexr piece of ribbon, so it lays parallel to the second piece of ribbon. Let dry and.........

TA-DA!!  You now have a cute and creative way to exit your ceremony for CHEAP!! Four down, 96 to go!


  1. I am a year away from my wedding and I am tempted to start my DIY projects too.
    Very cool project though. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. No prob! They are super easy..I just bought my guestbook jar a few days ago and will start that when Im done with the wands!