My LUSH Facial cleansers

I absolutely hate when a company or a brand discontinues something that I LOVE. Its especially frustrating if that product-you-cant-live-without-that-seems-to-have-disappeared was the only thing that actually worked really really well for you. That is what happened to my Clean and Clear Continuous Clean Cleanser. One day I went to go get myself a tube and its been GONE ever since. Well, actually it didn't completely disappear. Clean and Clear kind of brought it back, only they brought it back in a foam.. and it sucks..so its soo not the same.

Anyways, my last trip to LUSH just so happen to coincide with the culmination of my frustrations with the foam cleanser, so I decided to give a LUSH facial cleanser a try. I picked up Herbalism b/c my biffle Tiffany uses it and she raves about it. 

Pricey eh?

Reminds me of Play-Doh...OH and smells like it too : /

It has a gritty clay consistency, which is great for exfoliation, and its supposed to be good for oily and problem skin. Problem was (ha get it?) is that I broke out with 3 painful pimples within a week of using it. They weren't very visible or red, just those really painful ones that you get underneath your skin. Not cool.

I'm definitely going to finish up the tub but wont be re-purchasing this one. ::Sigh::: I miss my Clean and Clear!

Next is Cupcake, a fresh face mask that absorbs excess oils from your face and soothes redness. These masks are unique in that they only last 3 weeks b/c they are made with fresh materials. This yummy mask is made with cocoa powder, sandalwood oil, rhassoul mud and spearmint oil and must remain chilled. It feels SOO good after a hot shower and my face smells like chocolate the rest of the night! I highly recommend this mask, it really takes out the redness in my skin and makes your face super soft and clean. LOVE!


  1. Candizzle DazzleJuly 17, 2010 at 2:44 AM

    Seriously! I have had my face wash AND my liquid foundation discontinued THIS MONTH. I had to go back to proactiv for the face wash (I tried to use other stuff... but my skin started breaking out and leaving those horrible not-pimple-red marks behind)

    So anyway I'm still on the hunt for another really great proactiv knock off (Help!). I was using "skin essentials 3 step System" from walgreens. But I can no longer find it anywhere.

    I've tried acnefree (greasy!), Klear Action (filmy), Clear Advantage(eh), as well as a bunch of other stuff prescribed to me by my (former) dermatologist. Salicylic acid makes my skin worse (does anyone else have that problem?!) and I've found light washes with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide are the only thing that seem to really work with my skin.

    Ps. Awesome blog <3

  2. I'm a new follower from Wedding Bee and what a small world. I go to USF for grad school and also work here. =) Good luck with your planning, it looks like we got engaged the same week! He asked me on 6/26.