LUSH Haul and Review

OK, sooo today I went to the mall and bought my very first stash of Lush! If you are not aware, Lush is a organic, fresh, handmade cosmetics brand that I *believe* originated in Canada. ITS AMAZING. There are no chemicals in ANY of their products, everything is all-natural :)

The first product I bought was a soap called The Godmother and what they do at Lush is they actually cut however much you want off this huuuuuge slab in the store and you buy it by the pound. I bought 1/4 lb. and the sales associate told me it will last about 2 months. I used it tonight and it lathers really well. This soap smells kind of like Swedish Fish candy..lol..it is glooooorrious!! Its also a pretty burgundy pink color....see? The Godmother cost me $7.29.

Next product is You've Been Mangoed and it is a bath melt. Bath melts are used in the bathtub (duh, Chilly) and they give your bath water a very smooth and milky feel. It felt sooo moisturizing!! And of course it smelled awesome..its mango! Cost me about $5.85..def a thumbs up!

Last product I bought was Strawberry Feels Massage Bar. This is my favvve product so far..it smells like fresh, sweet strawberries! Massage bars are like solid lotions made with all natural oils. I used this after my bath on my legs, arms and tummy and WOW, it felt soooo soft and I smelled delish. Its amazing how it just starts to work when you rub it on your warm skin..love it..def 5 stars!
So cute!! This baby costs me about $9.
I brought one of my sorority sisters (actually she is my lil sis in the sorority :))) and she also went Lush crazy and bought a solid shampoo bar that smelled like potpourri and cinnamon, a massage bar called Mange Too (I'm def getting this on my next trip! Smells like honey and white chocolate), Strawberry Feels, and The Godmother soap. Its our newest obsession lol.

Def check it out! The link is www.lushusa.com.Its a little on the pricey side but I think *most* of it is worth it because its all natural, smells delish and is chock FULL of nutrients for your skin.


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