It's all about first impressions..

Obviously this is a blog so I won't begin by saying "This is my blog, welcome!" (Haha even though I pretty much did :)) BUT I will however introduce myself in a nutshell. My name (as most of my friends address me) is Chilly. I'm 25 and I have NO idea what will happen in the next year and it terrifies me (lol..?).

In reference to the title, "Tri Beta" is what I strive to be everyday: BOLD, BODACIOUS and BEAUTIFUL. What is Tri Beta? Well, to me its being unique, fun, outspoken, confident, well-mannered, open, kind and giving. What does it mean to you?

Anyhoo, this blog exists to be my sanctuary, a place for me, my passions, my experiences, my trial/errors and my opinions, complete with fun photos and tons of exclamation points (!!!!!). My wish in writing this blog is that hopefully the reader (ehem..you) will find the thing that makes themselves feel Tri Beta :) ENJOY!!