China Glaze!!!

So I bought a few new China Glaze nail polishes a while ago and never blogged about them (for shame!!). China Glaze is my favorite brand, I can go a few days without wearing clear top coat and it still doesnt chip! I got them on sale AND I had a coupon (sa-weet!) so I got 3 polishes for $4 at Sally Beauty Supply!!! Here they are...

Thataway- The perfect bright orange for summer!! My nails have just enough shimmer when I wear this :)

Avalanche- Not too much of a fan of this one. I bought it thinking it was going to be more of a dark gray then a silverish lavender..but still it looks nice as an overlay color.

Turned up Turquoise- EXTREMELY bright/neon, however it leans more on the green side than the blue on my nails..it looks more turquoise in the bottle to me lol. I think it really depends on the lighting. Oh well, its still gorgeous!

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